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Our cups live longer

Disposable cups have a lifespan of less than 15 minutes – and then they are thrown away. This generates an unimaginable amount of waste every day: according to the German environmental association Deutsche Umwelthilfe, the daily figure in Germany is in the region of 7.6 million cups. That's 320,000 cups every hour. Not only does their production require tens of thousands of metric tons of wood and billions of liters of water, it also often leads to road and environmental pollution.

Everyone who uses reusable cups is able to reduce waste and save wood, energy and water in comparison with disposable cups. Furthermore, our reusable coffee cups are 100 percent recyclable. Conventional cardboard and plastic disposable cups, on the other hand, are not usually recycled.

We offer an environmentally friendly, sustainable alternative with our DB reusable cups.

100 percent recyclable: This is how many resources a refill in a DB reusable cup saves