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DB Train Simulator

Become a train driver yourself and control an ICE train: it's easy with the DB Train Simulator. Quickly getting up to speed, saving energy when braking and letting the train coast to a stop – the environment-themed game gives you tips on how to drive efficiently. You can play on your smartphone, tablet or PC.

Here's how it works: 

Simply download the free app for smartphone or tablet in the Google Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS) via the following links:

DB Train Simulator for Google Play (German / English)
DB Train Simulator for App Store (German / English)

To use the DB Train Simulator in your desktop browser, click the following link:

DB Train Simulator for desktop browser (German / English)

Note: the DB Train Simulator works in most up-to-date browsers except Internet Explorer 10 and Safari 8 or older versions. Depending on the device type, opening the application may take a few minutes. To improve performance on your PC, other programs and windows in the background should be closed if possible.

All the game's functions at a glance:

Route and trains: Whichever train you choose – ICE, IC, RE or RB – anyone can become a train driver with the DB Train Simulator. There are ten routes in total with different difficulty levels to keep the game entertaining. 

Timetable and topography map: The expandable timetable shows the arrival and departure times and intermediate stops on the respective routes, as well as information on speed limits. The topography map shows where uphill and downhill sections are on the route.

Tutorial: You can find tips on energy-efficient driving and all the important functions of the game in the tutorial as well as during the journey and in the menu.

Points and statistics: For each trip, you get points for energy saving and timekeeping. You can see at a glance how you score compared to the most skilled driver performance possible for each level. The high-score section shows you how you measure up to other players, and customized statistics show the last ten train journeys as a graph.

Profile: A code allows players to transfer their own profile, including achievements and high scores, to other mobile devices.

Achievements: During the game, you can earn additional awards as a train driver – for example by stopping in time before a signal, driving all types of trains and collecting up to 1,000 kilometers of track.