Sustainability at Deutsche Bahn

Climate protection
Erneuerbare Energien aus Wasserkraft
Climate protection

We are going climate neutral

Climate neutral by 2040, that is the ambitious goal of Deutsche Bahn for climate protection. In order to achieve this goal, we have set ourselves demanding intermediate stages.

Nature conservation
Deutsche Bahn has "hired" water buffalo to transform a former military base into a marsh.
Nature conservation

We protect species

Deutsche Bahn takes responsibility for ensuring that our ecosystem remains healthy. DB's Green Transformation sees us working on solutions that benefit biodiversity.

Resource protection
Resource protection

We conserve raw materials

We only have one planet, with its unique life-supporting ecosystem. Deutsche Bahn knows this, so the company uses resources as carefully as possible and reuses as much as it can.

Noise reduction
Noise reduction

We're making railway quieter

Quiet trains make for Strong Rail. This is why Deutsche Bahn is working to minimize railway noise by 2030 for over 50% of people affected and by 2050 for everyone affected.

Social responsibility
#Einziganders: Ein ICE 3 der Baureihe 403 mit buntem Anstrich bei Emskirchen.
Social responsibility

We live values

The Strong Rail strategy and the Green Transformation demonstrate Deutsche Bahn's commitment to social responsibility, both in Germany and around the world.


The Green Transformation of Deutsche Bahn

With the Green Transformation, we as Deutsche Bahn are living up to our ecological and social responsibility: We are gradually making all of our products, services and the way we work more environmentally friendly.

Ein ICE im Thüringer Wald auf der Schnellfahrstrecke zwischen Erfurt und Nürnberg.

With us you protect the environment

What we do specifically

DB has created over 150 eco-friendly measures to protect the climate, nature, resources, to reduce noise and to take social responsibility.
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Climate protection
Sylt-Shuttle mit Auto-Anhängern fährt mit Biokraftstoff

Facts & figures

62 %
Share of renewable energies in the DB traction current mix
95 %
Recycling rate
2100 km
Track kilometers noise remediated