Sustainability at Deutsche Bahn

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With Strong Rail, we have anchored sustainability as a central purpose in our Group strategy. With the green transformation and our social responsibility, we are pursuing a holistic approach that encompasses the entire Deutsche Bahn Group.

Dr. Richard Lutz, Chairman of the Board of Management of Deutsche Bahn
Ein ICE im Thüringer Wald auf der Schnellfahrstrecke zwischen Erfurt und Nürnberg.  | © DB AG / Faruk Hosseini

The green transformation of Deutsche Bahn

To ensure that future generations can live on a healthy planet, we have to act now. At Deutsche Bahn, we are rising to this challenge and taking responsibility. That is why we are systematically driving forward DB's green transformation in the fields of action climate protection, nature conservation, resource protection and noise reduction.


Our four fields of action for DB's green transformation

Climate protection
We are going climate neutral

Climate neutral by 2040: To achieve this goal, we are relying on four powerful instruments – increasing the share of green electricity, expanding electrification, phasing out diesel, and entering the heat transition.

Nature conservation
We protect species

We take responsibility for ensuring that our ecosystem remains healthy. DB's Green transformation sees us working on solutions that benefit biodiversity.

Resource protection
We conserve raw materials

We only have this one planet with its unique ecosystem. That's why we at Deutsche Bahn want to have implemented a complete circular economy by 2040.

Noise reduction
We're making railway quieter

Quiet trains make for Strong Rail. That is why we at Deutsche Bahn are working to minimize railway noise for over 50% of people affected by 2030 and for everyone affected by 2050.


Measures of our Green transformation

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Noise barrier with a view

We are currently presenting our latest innovation at the GreenTec Festival: The MetaWindow is a transparent noise barrier made of Plexiglas modules that combines sound-absorbing properties with a transparent look. The DB Bahnbau Group developed the new noise barrier together with the startup Phononic Vibes.

The innovative MetaWindow combines sound-absorbing properties with a transparent look | © DB Bahnbau Gruppe
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Biofuel in trackwork

Our rail vehicles in trackwork will also be using more and more biofuel in future. We are therefore gradually converting our refueling infrastructure. We have already converted our filling stations in Königsborn and Augsburg. From now on, only climate-friendly fuel will be used here.

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Recognizing plants with artificial intelligence

We rely on our AI solution BiGEye to better identify which plants are growing in and around the track bed and to make our vegetation management more efficient.

Nachhaltiges Vegetationsmanagement im und am Gleis. | © DB AG/ Claudia Münchow
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Switching off for the climate

To save electricity and protect the environment, Deutsche Bahn is equipping its train displays with an intelligent energy-saving mode.

Ein Zuganzeiger am Bahnhof im Energiesparmodus | © DB AG / Jörgen Camrath
Mitarbeiter der Deutschen Bahn bei einem Workshop. | © DB AG / Max Lautenschläger

Social responsibility at Deutsche Bahn

With around 300,000 employees worldwide, billions of passengers and a wide array of business partners, Deutsche Bahn plays a major role in society. As a pillar of society, we have a responsibility to bear and are measured by our actions.


Our standpoints of social responsibility

Strengthening community
We strengthen community

At Deutsche Bahn, we shape the lives and work of many people. That is why it is important for us to strengthen the sense of community between us all and set a good example.

Supporting social engagement
We support social engagement

As a large company at the heart of society, we encounter many social concerns. We feel obligated to give back to society in a variety of ways. Deutsche Bahn Foundation, our independent charitable arm, plays a vital role in this regard.

Promoting diversity
We promote diversity

Our society is diverse. That is why we promote diversity as an integral part of our corporate culture, both internally and externally.

Taking responsibility for our history
We take responsibility for our history

We are aware that our company has a complex past within the broader context of Germany's history. We believe it is important to preserve the memory of the past, while looking forward for the sake of future generations.


Key focus areas of social responsibility

Key focus area

Deutsche Bahn Foundation

© Deutsche Bahn Stiftung
Key focus area

BSW & EWH Foundation Family

© Stiftungsfamilie BSW & EWH
Key focus area


© Deutsche Bahn AG / Max Lautenschläger
Key focus area

Architectural heritage

© Deutsche Bahn AG / Christian Bedeschinski
Key focus area

Equal opportunities and inclusion

Der Wagen der Deutschen Bahn beim Christopher Street Day in Berlin 2022 | © DB AG / Hans-Christian Plambeck

Key sustainability figures

Share of renewable energies in the DB traction current mix
Recycling rate
Track kilometers noise remediated

Sustainability Forum

At Deutsche Bahn's Sustainability Forum, decision-makers from politics, business, civil society and science meet to discuss the challenges of the future.

Deutsche Bahn CEO Dr. Richard Lutz at DB Umweltforum 2021 | © DB AG / Jet Foto Kranert

Networks and memberships

Deutsche Bahn is an important part of society and public life. As a result, it is essential for us to maintain a dialogue for partnership and a relationship built on trust with our stakeholders.

Menschen bei einer Besprechung | © DB AG / Max Lautenschläger
Social responsibility

Modern Slavery Act Statement

The Modern Slavery Act Statement made by Deutsche Bahn Group sets out the steps DB Group is taking to reduce the risk of slavery and human trafficking taking place in its business and supply chain.

Aurachtal bridge in Markt Emskirchen with ICE in motion (Würzburg - Nuremberg line) | © DB AG / Volker Emersleben

DB Train Simulator

With the DB Train Simulator, anyone can become a virtual train driver and learn how to get a train to its destination using as little energy as possible.

Triebfahrzeugführer des DB Fernverkehr unterwegs mit einem ICE 4. | © DB AG / Pablo Castagnola