#Einziganders: Ein ICE 3 der Baureihe 403 mit buntem Anstrich bei Emskirchen. | © DB AG / Claus Weber

Social responsibility

With more than 300,000 employees, billions of passengers and a wide array of business partners, Deutsche Bahn plays a major role in society.

Our Strong Rail strategy and the Green Transformation underline our strong commitment to social responsibility. We stand up for a working environment where all people interact with one another in an ethical and responsible manner. In addition, we are committed to the careful application of technological progress and digitalization along our value chain and beyond.

As one of the leading mobility and logistics companies, we take responsibility for our actions in Germany and in every other country where we do business. Demonstrating responsibility towards our workforce, maintaining supply chain transparency, promoting human rights and encouraging digital responsibility are just some of the many topics that we actively address as a socially aware company.

Responsibilities as an employer

We know that every single Deutsche Bahn employee as an individual contributes to our success. For this reason, we know how crucial it is to safeguard jobs, make them as appealing and family-friendly as possible, and encourage diversity in our workforce.



women in management positions until 2024

By 2024, women will occupy at least 30% of management positions within the company. At the same time, we highlight the personality of each and every DB employee with a variety of initiatives such as "Einziganders" or "Diversity Week". In this way, we make a significant contribution to sustainable social development and support our employees in preparing for the challenges of the future.

Sustainable supply chain

Our suppliers play a key role in securing our collective success, and they also have to take social responsibility as companies. All of our business partners must agree to abide by our code of conduct. Its values underpin our activities, and it helps us to create sustainable supply chains and make responsible decisions relating to procurement. We also believe that an in-depth assessment of our suppliers' sustainability levels is extremely important.

Featuring twelve international members including Deutsche Bahn, Railsponsible is a sustainable supply chain initiative within our sector. Together, we work with it to establish transparency regarding the social and ecological consequences of our supply chain activities, and we support our suppliers' work to improve their business processes.

Human rights

Protecting and promoting human rights are of paramount importance to us at Deutsche Bahn. Human rights are an issue that cuts across many different units and, by extension, countless tasks at our company: Ensuring good working conditions, equal treatment rules, occupational health and safety, etc.

Again, we require our business partners to respect human rights in every regard. For this reason, we have created a code of conduct as a value set that not only points us in the right direction, but which is also binding for the companies we work with.

With initiatives like "Einziganders" we highlight the personality of each and every DB employee.

Digital responsibility

Digital technology continues to evolve rapidly. We have responded by developing a digital strategy as an overarching roadmap for Deutsche Bahn's different divisions. With this plan in place, we can harness the digital technology and data that create opportunities for us while, at the same time, minimizing risks for people and the environment. As part of this mission, we have defined different areas with specific measures relating to digital responsibility.