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Turning environmental protection into a profession

Taking care of the environment is a full-time job. That's why hundreds of our environmental professionals are active each day. They work closely with our employees and managers and take on a number of roles: environmental coordinators in passenger traffic, environmental protection officers and project engineers at DB InfraGO. At the same time, they coordinate the implementation of green projects Group-wide and ensure that we comply with environmental protection provisions.

Our environmental professionals work on site and serve as advisors throughout Germany for all environmental issues. They determine the requirements under environmental protection law and internal DB requirements that need to be met, to ensure that potential environmental risks are identified at an early stage. It is also up to our environmental coordinators to improve the environmental management system, communicate environmental issues and prepare specifications for our locations. They keep track of resource consumption and identify areas in which we can make further savings.

One thing is certain: With a great deal of commitment and dedication, our environmental professionals contribute to making our Strong Rail business a little bit greener every day.