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Protection for our animal friends

Hives of activity, our construction sites bustle with construction vehicles – and with all kinds of animals too, right next to the tracks. Our employees need to be able to identify their animal neighbors even better, to prevent them from being harmed. Our new publication will help them with this. Together with the Ökologische Dienste Ortlieb GmbH planning office, we have compiled a weather-resistant booklet about the animals encountered at construction sites. The book is full of handy advice. What are the most common animals at construction sites? What features will help identify the different species? 

How can I know which animals are protected and how best to approach them? We want to encroach as little as possible on the life of the animals. Which is why the book also provides information about protective measures and when work should be wound down at a construction site. This enables us to plan the necessary work in such a way that, for example, we cause as little disruption as possible during the breeding season of birds.