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Our bird diverters

Not every bird flies as elegantly and skillfully as the swift. Large birds, such as greylag geese, cranes and bustards, find it especially difficult to maneuver in flight. This makes it all the more important that the overhead power lines in our traction current network do not spell disaster for them. Especially when they fly over special protection areas such as two specific nature reserves in Lower Saxony.

DB Energie GmbH has therefore taken special precautions to protect resting and rare birds and birds who overwinter or breed in this area. To keep the birds at a distance from live wires, we have installed beyond legal requirements additional black-and-white bird diverters on our overhead power lines. This enables us to reduce the number of collisions between birds and our traction current installations by up to 95 percent.

In collaboration with ornithological institutes and nature conservation authorities, we are therefore ensuring that birds will be protected well into the future.