Quiet battery-powered devices are used for green maintenance of track and station facilities. | © DB AG / Faruk Hosseini

Trimming back with battery power

The first thing you're likely to think of when you hear the word "chainsaw" or "leaf blower" is noise. But we don't. Because we are increasingly using battery-powered devices when we manage the vegetation along tracks and at stations.
What does that mean? Electric power saws, hedge trimmers and leaf blowers not only much lighter than conventional gasoline-powered equipment, they are also much less noisy. 

It is particularly important for us to reduce noise pollution for residents and employees at night, because on some high-traffic routes landscaping can only be done in the evening hours. Our battery-powered equipment also protects the environment in another way, as it is charged using 100 percent green electricity.

This is how we keep the air clean and ensure residents have a good night's sleep.