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We're toning it down

Our catenary supports and noise barriers have to withstand the elements. That's why we fix them firmly deep in the ground. Unfortunately, construction noise is often unavoidable. We are therefore continuously working on quieter machinery and new technologies to reduce noise pollution.

For example, DB Rail Construction uses crawler drills on building sites wherever ground conditions allow. This machinery is much quieter than the conventional ramming devices normally used in construction. Thanks to the drills, noise is reduced by over 20 decibels. This is a substantial amount, since even a reduction of ten decibels is perceived by the human ear as a 50 percent reduction in volume.

Using crawler drills also avoids the vibration caused by ramming, making it suitable for working in proximity to buildings without causing damage. Another advantage of the crawler drill is that it can be transported by rail on a dedicated wagon and operated while still on the railway track.

This type of drill is currently being used on the Karlsruhe-Dresden line upgrade project.