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Our brakes can whisper

Our DB Cargo's freight wagons run on low-noise brake blocks thanks to the introduction of the whisper brake. Since the new brake blocks are made of composite material, they do not roughen the running surfaces of the wheels like conventional cast-iron brake blocks do.

Since the end of 2020, DB Cargo's entire active freight wagon fleet in Germany has been equipped with whisper brakes, making it much quieter on the road.

DB's whisper brakes

But not just that. By 2030, we aim to reduce noise levels for over 800,000 people living adjacent to tracks. This figure represents over half the total number of people affected currently living near rail routes. By 2050, we will have improved the situation for all residents exposed to railroad noise in this way.

This is ensured by a mix of noise protection measures on site - such as the construction of noise barriers - and at the source - such as the use of quiet and climate-friendly hybrid shunting locomotives.In addition, we are developing innovative technologies for vehicles and tracks in order to further reduce rail noise. After all, noise control is also a form of environmental protection – creating a healthy environment for people and animals.