Young people with smart ideas

At DB Long Distance, DB Regio and DB Cargo alike, our young talents are taking a strong stand for the environment and coming up with clever ideas for a green future. With the "Eco-aware trainees" program, we are taking a step beyond our original training plan and raising awareness of sustainability and the environment among our junior DB employees during their training.

A thinktank for more environmental protection

In the "Eco-aware trainees" program at DB Long Distance our vocational trainees develop green ideas in all years of their apprenticeships on how we can make our daily work even more environmentally friendly.

This year, the trainees once again impressed us with their innovative and creative ideas. They implemented a variety of projects, one of which was a wind turbine made from recycled materials and with enough capacity to charge cell phone batteries. In other projects, the trainees developed a new system for break-proof glass transport in on-board service logistics for our trains and designed various media to get even our youngest passengers excited about environmental protection at DB.

A total of around 800 vocational trainees across Germany have taken part in the program so far.

Green training for DB Regio trainees

At DB Regio, too, our vocational trainees have been able to implement their creative ideas for developing environmental projects since October 2022. In the dedicated "Eco-aware Regio trainees" program, we reinforce their enthusiasm for environmental protection from the first year of their apprenticeship. In joint projects, our trainees can make the set-up and processes of their own workplace even more eco-friendly and thus actively contribute to DB's green transformation.

With the new insect hotel, the trainees in Saarbrücken are making a contribution to species conservation.

With this in mind, trainees in Saarbrücken turned an old freight wagon into an insect hotel. Welding, drilling and hammering, they worked on this for two days. The mobile hotel is now stationed in front of the maintenance plant and is a welcome nesting place for all sorts of different species.