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Washing your hands without using microplastics

Microplastics pose a threat to the environment when they make their way from local waste water into rivers and oceans. Due to their structural composition, they attract environmental toxins and bacteria, which in turn pollute our waters. In addition, sea creatures often swallow them, introducing them into the food chain. If we eat fish, these miniature plastic particles can end up in our bodies too. No research has been carried out yet on the consequences of this.
We want to keep our waters free of these substances, which is why we provide passengers with hand soap that is 100 percent free of microplastics on all DB long distance and regional trains.  

100 %
Microplastic-free soap on DB's long distance and regional trains

We take particular care to ensure that the soap products we select have been quality-tested in laboratories. In the future, we intend to expand our range of microplastic-free products.

The microplastic-free hand soap is also being used in more and more of our depots. In this way we do our part to reduce the impact of microplastics.