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We turn goats into gardeners

Some animals that help us maintain precious natural habitats come from far away. Boer goats are originally from South Africa, but they serve us well by grazing on dry grassland in the states of Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate.

Their hooves do not damage the soil's surface and they are particularly agile creatures, which makes them ideal candidates for keeping any unwanted vegetation in check. Their nimbleness comes into its own in the world heritage site of the Rhine gorge, where their grazing keeps the region's dry grassland habitats in good condition. Without this type of care, the areas would be threatened by increasing scrub encroachment. 

Grünpflege geht auch umweltfreundlich: Statt mit geräuschvollen Benzin-Rasenmähern lassen wir den abgetragenen Oberboden beim Ausbau der Strecke Wendlingen–Ulm von Ziegen pflegen. Sie weiden darauf und halten das Gras kurz.