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Our woolly friends

We love sheep, and we have a whole range of them, black and white, large and small. About 600 of our woolly friends help maintain a valuable habitat in the valley of the river Unstrut in Saxony-Anhalt. By eating only certain plants, they esure that other plant species, such as rare orchids, flourish along with a wide range of wild animals.

Nature conservation with animal support

The sheep are, in a sense, working for us. The construction of the Erfurt-Halle/Leipzig line made disrupting various habitats along the route unavoidable, but we wanted to compensate by supporting Mother Nature elsewhere. As part of this mission, we are rewilding about 400 hectares of farmland, creating woodland and planting fruit trees. And this is also where our four-legged employees live.

Experience virtually with the "Umwelt-Rallye", why nearly 600 sheep are working for the DB.