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Our green apps for travelling

When it comes to traveling, there's strength in numbers. And if this also means protecting the climate, it's a win-win situation. With our green apps we want to win over customers who would otherwise travel only by car. Because the more people travel together in an environmentally friendly way, the happier the climate will be.

Our free app "Wohin Du Willst" for example brings together all forms of public transport: buses, demand-responsive transport and ridesharing options. It is just one of a host of green apps we offer that make it easier to use public transport and different sharing systems.

Eco-friendly on tour with our green apps

The green apps also include our  DB Navigator, Call a Bike and Rad+ App. 

With our "DB Rad+" app bike riders can track the number of kilometers they’ve pedaled at several stations and selected areas and then cash it in with participating partners. This program encourages more people to ride bikes in the city while supporting local partners and service providers at the same time. In addition, kilometers cycled can be donated to charitable projects. Groups can also be created together with family, colleagues or friends, for example to cycle to one of the top places in the monthly city ranking. The collected cycling data not only provides valuable rewards. They also help the municipalities to take targeted measures for strong regional cycling.