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Sustainable travelling in the region

Millions of travelers are on the move in regional transport in Germany every day – on their way to work, on business trips or in their free time. With every trip they take, they protect the environment. After all a journey on a regional train emits around 75% less greenhouse gas emissions than a journey in a car.

What's more, our trains are able to transport a much higher number of people than cars and boast longer service lives. We look for environmentally sustainable innovations when we purchase new regional trains. For example, electric trains feed the energy generated from braking back into the traction current network and use energy-saving modern power electronics. We are also getting older vehicles back into shape by installing energy-saving LEDs, for instance, and improving their thermal insulation.

The new Mireo for even greater environmental protection

New design, greater comfort and a positive environmental footprint. This is what the new Mireo multiple units from Siemens promise. The trains are in service with DB Regio in Baden-Württemberg and offer our customers a significantly improved timetable service in the Rhine Valley.

These electric multiple units are produced with a lightweight design and have a lower aerodynamic drag. Because they also have energy-efficient components, such as transformers with a higher level of efficiency, they consume 25 percent less electricity than the trains previously used. The Mireo also produces less noise and can be 95 percent recycled at the end of its service life after a good 30 years.