The mobile phone ticket can be booked quickly and conveniently in our DB Navigator app.  | © DB AG/ Astrid Grosser

Our digital tickets save paper

Our digital rail ticket is the eco-friendly alternative to a conventional paper ticket. It can be booked quickly and conveniently in our DB Navigator app as a mobile phone ticket.

More and more rail passengers are taking advantage of this option: in 2023 there were 96,5 million mobile bookings via DB Navigator. To conserve resources even further, our passengers can choose to receive their ticket booked on directly by e-mail and save it as a PDF on their smartphone or tablet. Alternatively, the online ticket can also be uploaded as a mobile phone ticket in the DB Navigator app. This avoids unnecessary printouts and saves paper.

Saves paper - mobile phone tickets for DB employees

Since March 2023, DB employees have also been able to access their private travel discounts digitally. With the new DB MobiDig app, tickets can be booked anytime and anywhere. Employees can access their tickets directly in the app. This means that DB MobiDig can save up to 3.9 million paper tickets a year.

Since April 2024, our DB company tickets for employees will also only be offered digitally. This works easily via the online booking platform onesto, which the majority of our employees already use to book business trips. From 2024, we will be able to save a further 350,000 paper tickets per year.