Check your environmental impact

No traffic jams, no tolls and no harmful fumes. Instead of flying or driving, you can take the train to so many fantastic destinations. Deutsche Bahn's services are not just comfortable, they're also very eco-friendly. Climate protection is a central building block of our Green Transformation. Our customers travel on our ICE, IC and EC trains within Germany by 100 percent renewable power - and thus more climate-friendly than any other means of transport.

If you want to see just how green a journey with our trains can be, use our CO2Compass. It compares the greenhouse gas emissions of train travel with those of cars and airplanes for all rail routes within Germany route-accurate. In this way, the CO2Compass creates even more awareness among its users for environmentally friendly mobility and the climate-friendly rail.

Climate protection at a glance - CO2-Compass in our BahnBonus app 

We are taking climate protection one step further: our customers can now also see the personal CO2-savings of their rail journeys compared to car travel at a glance in our BahnBonus app. 

Our environmental calculator performs the calculation based on the individual tickets purchased for which BahnBonus points have been collected. The tool calculates an average value for BahnCard 100 customers.  

In addition, the CO2-Compass makes personal savings tangible with clear comparisons: For example, how often can laundry be washed with the amount of CO2 saved? With the environmental calculator, we show our travelers how even small changes in behaviour can have a big positive impact on the environment. In this way, the CO2-Compass creates even greater awareness of environmentally friendly mobility and climate-friendly rail travel among its users.