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Ordered, delivered, environment protected

All too often, the parcel carrier has to ring twice. Even more often, recipients have to pick up their parcel from the nearest parcel store. A lot of parcels addressed to individuals are unable to be delivered on the first attempt. Since millions of parcels are sent each year in Germany, this costs a great deal of time and energy. We have set out to change this with our partner pakadoo, by offering our employees a free parcel service. They can have their private parcels sent via pakadoo directly to our DB Services mailrooms, and pick them up from there after work. Or return them from there.

This not only reduces traffic on residential and city streets. It also saves our employees time and stress. Registration is quick, and employees only need their personal PAK ID. Once they're signed up, they can have parcels delivered to their DB location. It's worth it for the impact on the environment alone. The service saves nearly 900 grams of CO2 per parcel. We have already introduced the parcel service in many of our locations. 

This climate-friendly delivery service has been awarded the Supply Chain Sustainability Award by BVL, a German logistics association.