© Ashish Thakur on Unsplash

Free flight for birds

We protect birds and other animal species. One of the ways we do so is by fitting new overhead lines with long rod insulators, for instance. These protect birds and other animals from electrocution while also preventing disruptions to our electrical systems. Existing lines are also getting a bird-friendly overhaul as we install animal guards on top of them to keep small creatures at bay.

Additionally, we are participating in a research project run by the German Center for Rail Traffic Research, which studies how to further improve protective measures for birds and other small animals. The project focuses on measures that safeguard our overhead lines post insulators and mast disconnectors. This work will help ensure that every component we install along our lines keeps birds and other animals safe from electric shocks.

Animals are sadly often involved in accidents with overhead lines. Birds such as pigeons and crows are the most frequent victims, followed by small mammals such as squirrels and martens. We want to prevent these accidents from happening, so we will continue working on improving our bird protection measures.