"Fridays for Future" activist Luisa Neubauer at the DB Umweltforum 2019. | © DB AG/ Faruk Hosseini

Sharing ideas about a strong, green rail

To make strong, green rail a reality, we need innovative solutions and broad acceptance in society at large. That's why we regularly engage in collaborative dialogue with our stakeholders.

Platforms for green mobility

At Deutsche Bahn's Sustainability Forum, decision-makers from politics, business, civil society and academia discuss current issues relating to sustainable business each year. In 2022, the one-day event was held under the motto "50 years of 'Limits to Growth' - How do we achieve sustainable prosperity?" in view of the current situation and the anniversary of the groundbreaking Club of Rome report.

Highlights of the Sustainability Forum 2022

We are also in regularly exchange with representatives of major environmental advocacy groups. Together we discuss current environmental issues with a critical eye and develop solutions to jointly shape models for sustainable mobility of the future. 

Networks for more sustainability

DB is also actively involved in a variety of networks and councils which aim to advance sustainability and environmental agendas in the business sphere. For instance, DB supports “Stiftung KlimaWirtschaft” in its goal of launching cross-sector solutions for the transformation of the economy towards climate neutrality. Additionally, we are a long-time member of the econsense business network, a forum for sustainable growth in the German economy. Econsense offers opportunities to engage with other leading companies in the sustainability space. Together, we discuss current issues, including climate and ressource protection, sustainable supply chains and human rights, and we also discuss how to implement our ideas in the real world. Since 2009, we have been a signatory and participant in the UN Global Compact as well. As a member of the UN Global Compact Network Germany, we engage with other participants from the business sector, civil society, the scientific community and the public sector to implement the ten principles of the UN Global Compact.

Through these efforts, we foster ongoing dialogue with our stakeholders and gain new insight and inspiration for sustainable ways to run our business.