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We are forward-looking in how we save energy

Letting the train coast to a stop to save energy? Sounds unlikely, but in fact it's not that unusual. If time permits, our train drivers receive driving recommendations via the green functions in the train movement control system to help them save energy. 

How are these recommendations made? The system automatically generates information by analyzing current train positions and data from the operations centers of our subsidiary DB InfraGo AG. The driving recommendations take into account other trains on the same track and suggest an optimum speed, for example, or allow letting the train coast to a halt when approaching a stop signal. Thanks to the digital "binoculars & rearview mirror" function, our train drivers always have a full view of the current operating situation in front of and behind their train.

The green functions of the train movement control have been in live operation since 2018 and already provide some railway companies with driving recommendations.