Ein Zuganzeiger am Bahnhof im Energiesparmodus | © DB AG / Jörgen Camrath

Switching off for the climate

At Deutsche Bahn, we have set ourselves the goal of becoming climate-neutral by 2040. One of the main building blocks on the way to achieving this is to use renewable power for all of the electricity consumed by DB. We want to continuously increase the proportion of renewable power and make our overall energy consumption as efficient as possible.

Power off. Climate protection on.

Our platform displays can also save a considerable amount of energy. Thanks to a smart energy-saving mode, they not only inform our passengers about arriving and departing trains, but also reduce their power consumption to a minimum.

Especially at night or during breaks in service, there are often extended periods when the information on the platform displays is not needed. To cut energy consumption, we use energy-saving mode wherever safety considerations allow. When the energy-saving mode is activated, the backlight on the platform displays is reduced or switched off completely. The energy-saving mode is fed with real-time data to ensure that our passengers continue to receive all the information they need. In the event of important announcements or notifications, for example, the energy-saving mode switches off and the display wakes up immediately.

The result is that the platform displays consume only a small fraction of the energy they require in normal operation. This saves thousands of kilograms of CO2e every year.

More and more displays with energy-saving mode

Around 1,800 of the 5,000 train information monitors across Germany already have the necessary technology for energy-saving mode. The number is increasing all the time as we replace older displays and install new ones.