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Travelling by train and saving energy

Taking the train protects the climate. Our train drivers make sure of this, by driving with the environment in mind. We have designed training modules that teach them a range of simple methods for cutting energy consumption.  In long-distance travel, this saves around 13 percent of energy. On a trip from Munich to Frankfurt, that's around 560 kilowatt hours of electricity.

Saving energy with modern technology 

Our train drivers are supported by driver assistance systems to ensure energy-efficient driving. These use line topography and train schedules, for example, to inform the drivers when they can switch off the traction system early to let the train coast to a stop. Assistance systems are already in use in long distance transport and freight transport. The technology is now being installed in diesel trains operating regional services.

Telematics systems in use at DB Regio

DB Regio equipped most of its diesel fleet with telematics systems. A dedicated software called RESY (RegioEnergiesparsystem) currently records data such as diesel consumption, speed and the position of the throttle/brake lever. The data is then used to calculate driving strategies, taking punctuality into account, which are displayed for the driver. Train drivers can use these strategies to drive efficiently even on routes they are not familiar with.

Thanks to the system's driving recommendations and the environmentally friendly approach taken by the train drivers, energy consumption has been reduced by up to ten percent. 

LEADER supports Cargo's train drivers

At DB Cargo, an additional display in the cab provides the train driver with driving recommendations to help maintain the most energy-efficient speed possible. These suggestions are determined on the basis of train data, the schedule and the route's elevation profile. Furthermore, our train drivers regularly receive personal overviews of their own energy use. 

Following the successful implementation of LEADER 3.0 in Germany, the system is now also being tested for use in other European countries. LEADER is already installed on around two thirds of DB Cargo's electric locomotives.

Saving energy for fun

With the DB Train Simulator app, our customers can become virtual train drivers and learn how to get a train to its destination using as little energy as possible. Click the links below to try out the online version of DB Train Simualtor or learn more about the app here

The DB Train Simulator App is available for download free of charge