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Sustainable from the ground up

Our paving stones display their eco-friendliness with pride. Because environmentally friendly production processes and renewable energies are used to manufacture them. Treated rainwater is also used in their production. This is good for the environment. Which is why we have been paving many of our stations with the eco paving stones since 2014.

Former concrete waste now pavingstone

Also recycled material is used in their production. New processes make it possible to process chippings obtained from concrete waste from roadbuilding, for example, into fresh reconstructed stone without any loss of quality. Up to 40 percent recycled concrete can be put into our new eco-friendly paving stones. This saves large quantities of natural resources and halts the cycle of materials.
On the Westfrankenbahn (West Franconia Railway) network, we have used eco-friendly paving stones made of 40 percent recycled material on all of the upgraded platforms. Eco-friendly paving stones are also in place at some stations and stops like Weiterstadt, Laudenbach (Württ) and Sulzbach (Main), just to name a few examples. More stations and stops are to follow.