Passenger uses new bicycle parking spot | © DB AG / Nicole Brambor

We’re creating space for climate protection

Thinking of biking and taking the train to work? That’d be a terrific idea if you didn’t need to spend time looking for a spot to park your bike at the station. We’re working with city governments to remove this barrier.


new parking spots for bikes for more climate protection

The Bike+Ride program creates more space for climate protection 

We’ve partnered with the German Ministry for the Environment to launch our Bike+Ride program. The goal is to create 100,000 new bicycle parking spots at stations throughout Germany and help our customers to switch to climate friendly bikes. 

As part of this program, Deutsche Bahn is allowing town and city governments to use portions of DB’s own property rent-free. DB is reviewing locations to determine their suitability and is also helping procure bike parking systems. The German Ministry for the Environment is supporting local governments by promoting the Bike+Ride program. 

Scores of offerings throughout Germany  

Countless new bicycle parking spaces have already been created at numerous stations all over Germany. Freising’s station of the future is one such location. With 800 bicycle parking places, its facility is one of the biggest and most modern in the Bike+Ride program. Most of this two-story facility is covered by a roof, and the complex has been certified by the Allgemeiner Deutscher Fahrradclub e. V. (ADFC), a German bicycle advocacy group. 

However, this is only one out of many stations where we have already worked with local governments to create thousands of new parking spaces for bicycles – other examples include Mainz Central Station, Aschaffenburg, Fulda and Hamburg, to name but a few – and new projects are already in planning.

Infoservice “Bicycle parking at stations” launched

To help local governments and other organizations with the construction of parking buildings for bicycles, we are also running the infoservice “Bicycle parking at stations”. The point of contact brings together all the information and offers expertise from actual practice. Information events and excursions are also on offer. Beyond that, we analyze existing bike parking facilities at stations and work to identify suitable sites for the construction of new parking buildings for bicycles. The infoservice is financed by the German Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport (BMDV). 

By working to promote the creation of more parking buildings for bicycles we are offering the perfect supplement to the Bike+Ride program and create even more innovative bicycling solutions to help our passengers.  

Doppelstockparker Aschaffenburg
Bicycle parking spots at Aschaffenburg main station
Doppelstockparkernutzung Aschaffenburg
Usage of bicycle parking spots at Aschaffenburg main station
Fahrradstellpätze Freising
Bycicle parking spots at Freising main station.