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Save on plastic and donate drinking water

Using less plastic and donating drinking water - is that even possible? Together with the Berlin-based start-up share, we make it a reality.

Drinking and sharing

Deutsche Bahn’s customers have been able to buy sustainable mineral water bottles from share in the on-board bistros of our ICE and IC/EC trains, thereby financing projects to build drinking water wells around the world. The idea of drinking and sharing is simple: For every bottle of share mineral water you buy, one day of drinking water is donated to a person in need, as share uses the proceeds to build or repair drinking water wells and hand pumps. DB sold around one million bottles of water from share last year. This allows up to 15 wells to be financed each year - at least one well per month. Together with our customers, we can thus create a permanent water supply for at least 5,000 people every year.

The aid organization “Action Against Hunger” has already finished building the first two wells in Liberia. A third is being built in Zimbabwe. In addition, more than 2,000 people in Kenya have already gained access to clean drinking water since repair work was carried out on the local infrastructure.

Save plastic to protect resources

But that's not all. Around 38 tons of plastic can be saved by using the new half-liter reusable bottle compared with conventional reusable bottles per year. This is because share water bottles consist of 35% of plastic bottles that have already been used. We are therefore making a significant contribution to protecting resources.