We are testing new air conditioning systems in our trains. | © Andre Bull

We ensure a good climate in our trains

For us at Deutsche Bahn, climate protection is a central component of our green transformation. We are taking a holistic approach to this task and are gradually greening all our products and services and the way we work.

To ensure that our trains also have a good climate, we are testing new HVAC systems. These cool with natural refrigerants, such as propane and CO2. The new refrigerants not only reduce the burden on the atmosphere. They also reduce energy consumption and are more climate-friendly than conventional products.

Put through their paces

We tested the new systems extensively before they went into operation. Reliability and performance are our top priorities. After all, the new refrigerants must meet all the requirements of everyday operation and function reliably.

The results are positive: The first HVAC systems using the natural refrigerant propane are already in passenger service and are proving their worth even at high outside temperatures. They are being used in our new vehicles, such as the cars in the new ICE 3neo fleet.