We will start using dual-mode locomotives in our cargo fleet.

Two drive systems for more climate protection

We are not yet able to completely dispense with diesel locomotives when we transport goods directly to our customers' sidings. That’s why we will start using dual-mode locomotives to make this last mile even greener.

Two drive systems for twice the benefits

The climate-friendly dual-mode locomotive achieves twice as much. On routes with overhead lines it runs on electricity, while on all other routes it switches to diesel operation. One locomotive no longer has to be replaced by another when the power source changes.

Prospectively, dual-mode locomotives can be used both as main-line locomotives for heavy handover runs and as shunting locomotives. This will reduce overall diesel consumption, lower carbon emissions and reduce noise. 

Big, green and powerful

The new dual-mode locomotives are set to become a central part of our Cargo fleet. We have signed a framework agreement with Siemens Mobility for this purpose. Around 150 locomotives have already been ordered. They are expected to make our fleet greener starting in 2024. 

We are also investigating powering our diesel fleet with alternative fuels and are testing the use of biofuels in our freight locomotives, for example. This is how we intend to further minimize the greenhouse gases emitted by our fleet.