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We are travelling towards the future

It is in their hands: our bus and truck drivers are given special training so that they can be especially energy-efficient when driving – conserving valuable resources. Predictive driving, allowing the vehicle to coast to a stop at red lights, or turning off the engine when stationary for a longer period of time – these are but a few examples. Modern telematics systems help our colleagues to get even better.

Environmentally friendly mobility thanks to the Eco-App

All DB Regio Bus’s bus drivers, for example, receive direct feedback on their driving on their company cell phones even while they are driving. The Eco-App is used by our drivers across Germany and shows smileys in various colors to indicate whether they are already driving efficiently or if there is room for improvement. The app draws on data from the bus’s telematics system, which is able to recognize driving behavior, assess it automatically, and offer tips on energy-efficient driving. A dashboard mount ensures that our colleagues can see the Eco-App at all times. There is no need to operate it while driving.

The system detects the driving style, automatically evaluates it and provides tips for energy-efficient driving.