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Our data collection helps nature

Sometimes we have to disturb nature when building our rail facilities. We make up for this by providing a wide range of species-appropriate solutions for habitats, from rehousing lizards, toads and bats to grazing wild horses on unused pastures. This compensation for new-build, upgrade and maintenance work is our environmental restoration obligation. All data relevant to these measures is gathered in our web-based system FINK, a specialist information system for recording our nature conservation and compensation activities. 

We use FINK to document the entire process from planning to implementation and maintenance of the measures. And our employees and external planning offices can call up the current status of an environmental restoration project at any time. Working with this system simplifies the entire environmental planning process.

nature conservation activities we have already carried out or planned since 2010.

Since 2010 until the end of 2023 we already carried out or planned around 60,000 nature and wildlife conservation activities.