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Recycled paper is standard at DB

The average quantity of paper used by every single person in Germany every day is the equivalent of a book in the Harry Potter series. This puts the country near the top of the international table for paper consumption.

We have therefore decided to eliminate paper use wherever possible. Where the use of paper is unavoidable, we reduce consumption and use recycled paper. We have already switched to recycled paper wherever possible, both in our office processes and in our company publications. These include, for example, our business cards, which are printed on waste paper.

Eco-friendly paper is standard on our trains too. We use 100 percent recycled paper in the restrooms. Recycled paper is also used in our staff cafeterias. The sugar sachets, for example, are made of unbleached paper. They are FSC certified and can therefore be disposed of via waste paper. Our napkins are made entirely of recycled paper. This cuts back on wood, energy and water consumption compared to conventional paper.