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Setting a climate protection example

At Deutsche Bahn, climate protection begins even before you board the train. It starts at our train stations, where sustainability plays a major role.

Deutsche Bahn's green stations are an innovative concept that combines modern environmental standards with a high level of convenience for our customers. We build our stations with resource-saving materials and use modern technology and energy from renewable sources to run them.

Our green stations set a climate protection example thanks to the combination of these different components. Stations cover their own energy needs for heating, hot water and lighting using renewable energy from geothermal, solar thermal or photovoltaic systems, for example. Green roofs improve thermal insulation and collect rainwater. But that's not all: Smart daylight and artificial lighting concepts and LED lighting reduce the amount of energy that stations need. In addition, eco-friendly building materials are part of our green stations' DNA – from the timber roof structure and regional building materials to the sustainable materials used throughout the buildings.

We opened the first green station in Kerpen-Horrem, North Rhine-Westphalia, back in 2014. The second is in Lutherstadt Wittenberg, Saxony-Anhalt. And we have begun construction on our next green station, in Bitterfeld. Recycled aluminum, a photovoltaic system and climate-friendly district heating will make the station a future standout in climate protection.

Small green station: first pilot station opened

We also want to build more sustainably at smaller locations. Our architects at DB Station&Service have developed a modular system for this. The modular timber construction method saves resources and makes building easier and faster. It cuts CO2 emissions in half compared to conventional construction using reinforced concrete.

We combine elements to meet each location's specific needs. The prefabricated elements are delivered and assembled on site in just a few weeks. The result is a building concept that ensures that every station fits the local conditions and meets the needs of our passengers as best as possible. Station operations are also sustainable. We reduce CO2 emissions by using photovoltaic systems, a battery bank from DB's own start-up encore and heat pumps.

around 50 CO2 emissions
saved through timber construction

We opened the first of these small green stations in Zorneding, Bavaria, in December 2023. The pilot project in Zorneding will be followed by the next sustainable station building, in Haar, in 2024.

This new concept will make it possible for us to build sustainably and cost-effectively even at smaller stops and at stations without passenger buildings. Thanks to our green stations, we're making a valuable contribution to saving resources and protecting the climate.