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Our research for your peace and quiet

Now and in the future, we want to give residents more peace and quiet along our railway lines. To achieve this goal, we are involved in a range of research projects.

Research project Shift2Rail 

The european Shift2Rail program focuses on developing new technologies and solutions for rail transport. Working with other rail operators, companies and research institutes from across Europe, Deutsche Bahn is studying how effective the latest technological innovations are in terms of noise reduction. We are also developing new techniques for identifying and measuring individual sources of noise with greater accuracy. This will enable rail vehicles to travel even more quietly in the future.

Testing innovative noise reduction in real-life conditions

Together with the German Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport ("BMDV"), we have completed work on I-LENA, an application-focused portfolio of innovative noise control measures. Over 60 different ideas for groundbreaking noise mitigation solutions were submitted, and about 30 of them were tested in real-life conditions. These included new types of noise barriers and improvements to the work of rail grinding and rail damping. We also studied solutions for minimizing curve squeal, rail bridges' structure borne and construction noise. The goal of I-LENA was to promote exceptional noise reduction proposals and ideas, and also to accelerate the process of developing application-ready, marketable products. 

Innovative freight cars for less noise

As part of the BMDV's Innovative Freight Wagon research project, we have also successfully researched technologies to make freight cars even quieter and more energy-efficient.  

The cars were tested in operation, covering around 150,000 test kilometers throughout Europe. In addition to an improved environmental and noise footprint, cost-effectiveness was also increased.