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A makeover for our products

We attach great importance to ensuring our products' service lives are as long as possible. That is why we upgrade not only our ICE trains, but also machines such as our ticket validators. By doing so, we ensure that their life cycle is extended sustainably. 

Same train - new outfit

Our ICE trains, for example, have a service life of at least 30 years. In order for them to reach this impressive age, we carry out a redesign on them about halfway through their service life. The train's exterior remains essentially unchanged, but inside we overhaul many components and replace any parts that cannot be reconditioned, for example seats. This work entails modernizing the passenger area, installing energy-efficient LED lighting and replacing component parts, to ensure more stable technology on the trains. 

Our first- and second-generation ICE trains and many regional trains have already been rejuvenated in this way. By 2024, we will also have upgraded our ICE 3 vehicles. We also modernize trains in local and regional transport. Among other things, we have fitted the S-Bahn trains in Hamburg and in the RheinNeckar network with new lights, seats and floors.

In terms of material costs, a redesign is up to 80 percent cheaper than buying a new train, and it also keeps usage of valuable natural resources low.

When redesigning our ticket validators, spare parts are produced using 3D printing.

As good as new. In use for longer.

As well as our trains, we also upgrade other equipment and machines to ensure that they have feasibly long service lives. Our brightly colored ticket validators, for example, are regularly reconditioned professionally in our Leipzig depot so that they can remain in use for as many years as possible.

The units do not necessarily have to be defective or worn out to deserve a makeover. Regardless of their condition, we want to keep the validators fit for future use. This can, of course, involve replacing individual parts or repairing broken elements. Our depot in Leipzig takes care of everything, from painting the machines to overhauling and installing them. We manufacture the spare parts ourselves where we can, often using modern 3D printers. This means we do not have to have them delivered and the process is more cost-effective. Another advantage is that the ticket validators are ready for use again more quickly.

We refurbish ageing and damaged ticket machines.

We also breathe new life into our ticket machines. For example, we refurbish outdated or vandalized machines in the DB Kommunikationstechnik depots in Leipzig, Frankfurt am Main and Rheinstätten. Our central warehouse delivers the right components to the workshops so that the machines are ready for use again for our passengers as quickly as possible. This enables us to sustainably extend the service life of our devices and save valuable resources.