Wind turbines in a field beside a rail line. | © DB AG / Faruk Hosseini

A fresh wind is blowing for us

We are the largest consumer of renewable energy in Germany today, and we intend to further increase the share of green electricity we use. The share of renewable energy in DB´s traction current mix already comes to 68%. This figure will increase to 80% by 2030, and we want to see further growth to 100% by 2038.

This means also purchasing electricity generated from wind power. We have concluded a supply agreement with innogy and RWE Supply & Trading for electricity from an offshore wind farm. Starting in 2024, the Nordsee Ost wind farm will supply green electricity to DB.

As of autumn 2024, our traction current mix will also include renewable electricity from RWE's wind farm Amrumbank-West in the North Sea, helping us to make our service even greener.

Our traction current mix will also include green energy from RWE's wind farm Amrumbank-West in the North Sea.

Since 2021 we receive renewable power from a wind farm near Bremerhaven, delivered by Statkraft. Additionally, the company Getec Energie will supply us with green electricity from the Nordleda wind farm near Cuxhaven in 2022 and 2023. With these contracts we have secured the continued operation of the two wind farms, which are more than 20 years old, for the short term. And these are the first onshore wind farms to be added to our growing portfolio of renewable power sources.