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Check your environmental impact

No traffic jams, no tolls and no harmful fumes. Instead of flying or driving, you can take the train to so many fantastic destinations in Europe. Deutsche Bahn's services are not just comfortable, they're also very eco-friendly.

If you want to see just how green a journey with our trains can be, use our Environmental Mobility Check, a free comparison tool available on our travel information website. It puts a figure on CO2 emissions and energy consumption while also displaying how trains compare with the equivalent journey by car or plane.

This information is available for every journey within Germany and for routes across Europe, all at the touch of a button. So you can use the tool to calculate how many kilos of CO2 you can eliminate by taking the train. 

DB's long distance services are particularly green: because since the beginning of 2018 all customers travel on our ICE, IC and EC trains within Germany by 100 percent renewable power. By way of comparison: an equivalent journey by car emits an average of 154 grams of greenhouse gases per person and kilometer, and this figure rises to 214 grams for planes. 


Comparing different modes of transport: Greenhouse gas emissions in grams per person and kilometer in Germany.