DB´s new corporate clothing is fairly sourced. | © DB AG/ Oliver Lang

Fairly dressed

Our employees wear their accountability on their sleeve – quite literally. Our colleagues who have direct contact with customers now have corporate clothing that has been produced under fair and sustainable conditions along all steps of the supply chain. The MADE IN GREEN label from OEKO-TEX® vouches for this. Among other things, the label guarantees that the textiles were made in environmentally friendly facilities and in socially responsible circumstances.

We will have STeP inspections and certification for the production of the garments in the new collection, from trench coats to skirts and shirts. STeP stands for Sustainable Textile & Leather Production and is a system that monitors factors such as working conditions at production sites along the supply chain. Increased transparency means our colleagues will be able to use a unique product ID or QR code to find out in which country and factory their new jacket or skirt was made.